Sunday, 8 May 2016

Nakusp 2016- Senior Girls Soccer

As always, Naksup was one for the books.  We rocked all of our games and came home with the big W and prize for the trophy case.  Go lakers!

Friday:  The shortest route to Nakusp is a little bit less than five hours long and requires vehicles to take a ferry across Arrow Lake.  We lucked out and had forty minutes to swim and explore while we waited for the ferry to arrive.

Shelbie, Maddie and Shelby looking cute as can be!

Larissa getting some much needed tanning done.

Shelby and Savanna enjoying the view titanic style in celebration of Savanna's first ever ferry ride.

Team bonding on the ferry.

Game 1: Won 5-0 against Creston

Game 2: Won 4-0 against Trail

        Due to a booking error, we were not able to get a hotel in Nakusp and ended up staying at Halcyon Hot Springs Resort, a resort that is about 25 minutes outside of Nakusp.  The cabins that we stayed in featured full kitchens, which was super awesome.   We hit up the grocery store after our last game of the day and bought everything that we needed for our dinner and breakfast.  After that, we got dressed for the dance (and the pre-dance team photo-shoot of course!).

Awkward family photo

Awkward family photo ft. the grads

Grad pyramid (This pyramid stayed standing for what was probably a total of 0.2 milliseconds)

Not-grads pyramid (They had a little more pyramid skill than us)

       After leaving the dance at around 8:30pm, we headed to our resort.  We received some very sub-par instructions on how to get to our cabins, and as a result, our bus headed down the wrong road... Not only was it the wrong road, but it was also a narrow and descending road along a cliff.  Needless to say, it was not meant to accommodate big school buses that need to turn around #badnewsbear.  The solution?  We had to back all of the way up, with Ms Bartz using a flashlight to mark the edge of the road that was beside the cliff.  It was dark by this point, and the whole process was pretty stressful and a little scary.  We were all extremely impressed by the driving skills of Dana, our bus driver.  What she did was no small feat.

       It was about 10pm by the time we got to our cabins, and we started making our dinner as soon as we arrived.  It was about 11pm by the time our butter chicken, caeser salad and garlic bread were ready to be eaten.   We were all really hangry and tired by this point, so we downed our dinners, cleaned our dishes and passed out shortly afterwards.

PS.  Shelby won the challenge!!!

       We started making our breakfast crepes a little late due to some slight complications (in other words, Ms Bartz had the recipe and she slept in).  Our whole breakfast consisted of fruit salad and crepes with variety of toppings available: strawberries, bananas, nutella and leftover butter chicken.   Food is highly valued among us soccer players, so instead of heading to the field with a reasonable amount of time to warm up, we ate a hearty breakfast.

       We had to put on all of our gear while on the bus, and we spent the bus ride getting our heads in the game. It was a good thing that our minds were warmed up, because our bodies definitely weren't...

We arrived at our 10:00am game at 9:54am.

Game 3:  Won 5-0 against Oliver

       This game was definitely one to remember.  At the Creston tournament, one of the refs, Sid, told Arriela that he wanted her to try to score off of a kickoff.  The FIFA rules state that on a kickoff, the ball must move forward and that it cannot be touched twice in a row by the same person. Therefore, it is compliant for a player to one-touch the ball straight into the net.  If any player is capable of achieving such a feat, it is definitely Arriela.  We have had her try to score off of a kick off several times throughout the season, and although none of her previous attempts were successful, they were all very close.   Luck was on our side this morning.  We started the game with the ball and had Arriela try kicking the ball straight into the net... And she succeeded with a nice shot into the corner.

        It's not often that you arrive at field six minutes before game-time and score within the first three seconds of the game!  We were ecstatic to say the least.

       Everything was going very well, so we decided to try something that very likely hasn't been attempted since the fall season of 2010.  As the legends say, Sam McIIwain got on his knees during a corner kick and started barking.  Barking players aren't common on the soccer field, so naturally, the other team was a little distracted by the sight.  We have known this story for a long time and have always wanted to try it.  So we did.  Not all of our team was expecting Tori to actually drop to her knees and start barking like a dog, so the element of surprise was present for both of our teams.  We were all laughing too hard to score a goal, but I think it was probably the best play of the season regardless.

Game 4:  Won 4-1 against Nakusp

       This game was very exciting.  The weather was hot, the competition was good, and we were ready to dominate.  Our team played very well together, we made some awesome plays and scored some killer goals.  Although we did get scored on once during this game, the goal was very arguably offside.  We managed to keep the ball on Nakusp's side of the field for most of the game, but they did have some really close scoring opportunities.  Near the end of the game, Nakusp's super-speedy forward made it through our defensive line.  Not many people make it through our defence when we have Andi, who is as fast as a bullet, as our sweeper... But Andi tripped and the Shelbie, our goalie, was the only person left standing between the ball and the net.  The offender had a beautiful kick that went up to the top right corner.  There was no way that the ball wasn't going into the net... But somehow Shelbie sprung up and managed to get a hand on the ball and stopped it from going into the net.  Words can't even describe how proud we were of our ninja goalie!

      As always, we celebrated with ice cream.  Thanks for a great weekend Lakers,  fantastic job!

Monday, 2 May 2016

Track and Field

A good weekend in Trail for everyone, now the next meet is the East Kootenays. (May 16) If all goes well there we will hopefully be taking some people to Track and Field Provincials! So keep training everyone!!!

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

A Very Warm Spring Day- Girls Soccer 2016

The Grad-Lazer game on Tuesday and parent teacher interviews on Thursday meant that both of our soccer practices had to be cancelled.  Instead, we had one practice on Wednesday.  I can't tell you exactly what the temperature was, but it was really, REALLY hot out during our practice.  After doing a few drills, we took a break from playing soccer and did the only logical thing there was to do- we played sponge tag.
It was just as much fun as it looks!

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Grad Lazer Game 2016

        As the years go on, Glen Sage and his squad of "teacher" goons grow older and have to find new, more drastic ways to defeat the never aging grade 12 students. This year, knowing he would have some tough competition from the beginner, intermediate and expert level squads of students, Sage recruited two ex-NHL prospects to try and clinch the victory. With a lucky, last minute goal they managed to do just that. Barely pulling away with a 3-2 win over the students. However; despite the unsportsmanlike conduct from the teachers and the verbal denigration from an un-named french teacher, the game remained civil and enjoyable for both sides.  A highlight of the game was Dani Bondoc and her unbelievable game strategy- she was brave enough to try out a new tactic: the stationary stance.  Matty Helmer and his professional commentary was hilarious- especially when the beginner line was playing and there was VERY little to talk about.  Overall it was a very fun game, from the stuggle that all of the beginners experienced while putting on their gear to the discrete trickery of the teachers.  Cheers to everyone that came out to play, cheat and watch!

Entry by hockey enthusiast Aidan Knuckey and amateur blogger Amira Elwakeel

Sunday, 17 April 2016

First Tournament of the Year- Senior Girls Soccer 2016

We went into out first tournament in Creston with exactly 11 players.  A variety of other activities such as a lifeguarding course and a dance competition rendered the majority of the girls unavailable.  We managed to get Allie Barsby and Savanna Neale to join us for this tournament and words cannot describe how crucial they were to our success!

Here is a summary of how our games went:
Game 1: Won 9-7 against Trail.
MVP= Teagan Van Mulligen for powering hard, scoring twice, and being all around awesome!

Game 2: Won 10-0 against Creston. 
MVP= Emily Stober for consistently setting up plays with her unreal crossing!

Game 3: Won 4-1 against Nakusp.
MVP= Allie Barsby for following advice and making a killer save!
We went down to 9 players (Savanna and Shelby were injured) during this game, but went back up to 11 for most of the last game!

Game 4: Won 5-1 against Mount Sentinel
MVP= Ella Haynes for defending like an all star!
By the time our last game came around, we were definitely feeling achey and tired after playing four full games!  Hearing the last whistle signal the end of the game was probably the best feeling in the world.  

MVP for tournament: Arriela for being a complete legend. She was the top scorer this weekend with somewhere around 12-14 goals. She also set up some wicked plays and really held the team together smile emoticon
Way to be Lakers -smile emoticonawesome way to start the season!

Friday, 8 April 2016

Try Outs- Senior Girls Soccer 2016

We started off our soccer season on the first day back from spring break this year.  Thirty-two girls tried out for the senior girls soccer team- a turn out that is much higher than any of the most recent years (I believe only four people showed up to the first try out last year!).  We had four tryouts in which Ms. Bartz had the opportunity to judge us based upon many skills, including juggling, defending, sprinting and shooting.  The team was cut down to a core of 20 mainly senior students.  Below is the list of the "core" soccer team!

Eleri Smart
Cassidy Gray
Erin Kubian
Lillian Spiegl
Emily Stober
Ryley Haynes
Linnea Wrazej
Tori Maybuck
Shelbie Clarke
Andi Hutchinson
Maddie Hromadnik 
Amira Elwakeel
Anna Arif
Kally Van Mulligen
Arriela Cole
Carli Maybuck
Larissa Kurtz
Finley Spiegl
Clare Ross
Shelby Zaporosky

We have a group of 12 girls that make up our "red shirt" line as well.  The girls who are red shirts are welcome to all practices and some tournaments, depending on the availability of the core team!

The team captains for this year are Kally Van Mulligen and Larissa Kurtz!